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Transcript Notations

Students who do service learning for a class at Loyola are eligible for transcript notations. It is important to acknowledge students' service learning efforts on their permanent academic records. This formally recognizes their contributions to the wider community, and it can be valuable for resumes, job interviews, and graduate school.

Students will receive a transcript notation if:

  • they document that they served the number of hours required for their service learning course(s) per semester on either a timesheet (placements) or an hours report (projects);
  • they receive a satisfactory performance evaluation from a supervisor or community partner representative;
  • they complete all necessary paperwork for OCELTS on time (timesheets, etc);
  • their service is spread out and consistent over the course of the semester;
  • the service learning activity takes place in partnership with a pre-approved agency that has a signed legal agreement (MOU) with OCELTS; and
  • they perform service learning activities in conjunction with a credit-bearing course which is properly designated in LORA 

Here is the format of a service learning transcript notation:

COURSE CODE     Course Title     Professor     Grade
Service Learning: Name of Agency

SOCIA100001     Introductory Sociology     Mennino     A-     Service Learning: Anna's Arts for Kids

Please note that if a student performs in a manner that permanently damages the partnership between Loyola and the agency, and/or in a manner that significantly diminishes the image of Loyola University, he/she will receive a "Did not satisfactorily complete" notation on his/her transcript.