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Community Based Federal Work Study

What Is Community Based Federal Work Study? 

The Community Based Federal Work Study (CBFWS) program allows students to earn Federal Work Study awards – which are a part of your financial aid package – by working at partnering non-profit agencies in the local community. Students who qualify for need-based federal work study funds can earn $13 per hour working in CBFWS jobs. CBFWS employers must join Handshake to post jobs approved by OCELTS.

 Current Employers Listing

"[I had] positive experiences while working for the volunteer and intern resources department at the Zoo. What I enjoyed the most is being able to grow more as a person with bigger responsibilities."

—Gabriela C.

Benefits of CBFWS

This is not only a great career development opportunity for students, but also a way to serve the community, pursue Loyola's Jesuit mission, and fulfill OCELTS' objectives for students.

OCELTS’ Learning Objectives for CBFWS Students 

  • CBFWS students will be able to articulate, in their own words, the mission of the agency for which they work, as well as the root causes of the issues addressed by the agency.
  • CBFWS students will gain work experience and professional skills.
  • CBFWS jobs will help students discern their post-college plans.

CBFWS Student Resources

OCELTS Goals for Community Partnerships

  • Build community partners' capacity to promote positive social change.
  • Build community partners’ ability to leverage their relationship with Loyola.
  • Educate community partners about how to access resources at Loyola beyond just student volunteers.
  • Strengthen community partners’ connections to one another.

CBFWS Employer Resources