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College of Arts and Sciences

ENGL-H295-001 - Honors Sem: Self in the Novel - Sarah Allison
HONS-H396-035 - Diversity, Faith & Health Care - Naomi Yavneh Klos
LNCS-N294-001 - In Quarantine with Anne Frank - Naomi Yavneh Klos
- Psychology and the Law - Erin Dupuis
PSYC G311-WZ1 - Psychology and the Law CAPSTONE - Erin Dupuis
PSYC-G441-001 - Clinical Psychology CAPSTONE - Madison Silverstein
SOCI X320-0Z1 - Violence and Democracy - Lydia Voigt
SPAN-A100-002 - First Year Spanish I - Diana K. Soto-Olson
SPAN-A404-001 - Immigration - Pablo Zavala
TEAC-A100-001 - Foundations of Multicultural Education - Julia Miller