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Anna's Place NOLA,  is a place of peace where children realize their potential and families and the community are nurtured so that poverty and violence no longer make their home among us.

What you do

Service learners will assist students with tutoring, maintaining contact with the students' teachers to check in on daily assignments, and check in with the Program Director daily about grades and test scores.

What you learn

Service learners will learn about the day to day functionality of low socio economic citizens. Students will get a close view of the traumas many students face daily and the obstacles they must overcome to be successful. 



Elementary school children (K-5th)
Middle school children (6th-8th)
High school students (9th-12th)
Victims of crime or violence
Other agency staff members

Preservice Requirements
  1. Students serving at Anna's Place must complete and pass a background check (conducted by Anna's Place). 
  2. Attend mandatory orientation and training sessions. 
  3. Comply with all COVID-19 protocols and safety measures.
Days and Times
Program Days/Times
Tutoring & Homework Assistance

Monday - Thursday



Contact Information

Cavin Davis
Executive Director

Location Address
St. Anna's Episcopal Church • 1313 Esplanade Ave.

Directions ETA

Biking • 30 min 
Public transit • 60 min 
Driving • 15 min

Parking details (pay to park, street parking, lot, etc):
On-Street parking available, restrictions apply (please read street signage)
Limited off-street parking is available in small parking lot located behind building.