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What if I have more than one service learning class?


Remember, service learning can be optional or required, more info». In one or more of your classes, you may have a choice between doing service learning and a non-service learning alternative.  Choose what is best for you.

If you are taking one or more project classes, you will likely end up working on multiple projects, since partner agencies and project tasks are decided in advance by your professor. Usually specific service learning projects for a class cannot be combined with placement work.

If you have more than one placement class, you can often combine your service learning into a single placement.  In fact, this is encouraged. In this case, you are covered by the 80% rule. First, figure out whether there is an agency that is on the list of approved placements for both classes (or get your professor's approval).  If you do 80% of the total hours required for all your service learning classes, you can count the placement for all classes.


Class A requires a 20 hour placement.  Class B requires a 15 hour placement.  Total required hours = 35.  80% of 35 = 28.
If you serve 28 hours at a single placement, you have met requirements and can count the placement for both classes.

Class A has an optional 20 hour placement.  Class B has a required 15 hour placement.

  • You can choose the non-service learning option in class A and just do 15 hours of service learning for class B.
  • Or, you can do 28 hours at a single placement and count the placement for both classes.