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Community Engagement Objectives

Loyola's university-wide community engagement objectives are outlined below for students, our community, and our institution.

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Students Stage
Students have an introductory familiarity with social justice and can identify injustice. Students are prepared to begin examining the consequences of their own choices on the well-being of others Introductory
Students have a more sophisticated understanding of social justice, with the ability to identify root causes of injustice and recognize effective methods for preventing and responding to injustice. Students have explored the boundaries of their empowerment in shaping social conditions. Advanced 
Loyola graduates uphold the principles of dignity, equality, and solidarity as they navigate the complex path to a more just world, with an advanced understanding of social justice and the ability and commitment to contribute to social justice in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives. Mastery


Community Timeframe
Community looks to Loyola to provide effective and useful services to alleviate persistent community needs. Semesters
Sustainable campus-community partnerships help build the community’s capacity to address injustice and meet its own needs. Increase in the pool of community members advocating a more just world. Years
Systems affecting, and social norms surrounding, social justice and injustice are improved. Decades 


Loyola's community engagement policies and procedures reflect its Jesuit values and prioritize positive community impact. How we engage
Loyola’s strategic priorities embody the commitment to community engagement in its mission. What we value
Loyola is a model Jesuit university, having earned distinction as an anchor institution "with and for" the community. Who we are