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Sugar Roots Farm aims to build food sovereignty and community resilience in the gulf south with sustainable farming as the foundation. We aim to teach and practice intentional land stewardship to ensure that future generations will have the skills and resources to grow and eat nourishing, fresh foods.

What you do

Students will assist with maintenance of the farm, livestock care and gardening tasks.  Students may also serve as tour guides for visiting groups.  

What you learn

Service Learning students will learn first hand farming in New Orleans. Students will gain an understanding of small farms, food waste, food justice, and ecology.

  • K-8th grade children
  • Adults
  • Other staff members at our agency
Days and Times

Saturdays  9AM-2PM

Contact Information

Sade or Lauren


Location Address
10701 Willow Drive
New Orleans, LA 70131

Directions ETA

Driving • 35 min
**Students attending this site must have personal vehicle transportation.** 
This site is not recommended for public transportation.