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New Schools for New Orleans (NSNO) is an education nonprofit whose mission is to provide excellent schools for every child in New Orleans. In our unique educational landscape, schools face significant challenges of equity in being able to provide additional teaching support to students who need it most. NSNO aims to address this critical need by creating The NOLA Tutor Collaborative. This program pairs university students with a small group (1 to 3) of students in our local schools to receive tutoring in math or reading twice a week for one hour a session.

What you do

Service Learners will tutor a small group (1 to 3) of 3rd/4th graders in reading or 6th/7th graders in math at a school site whose schedule fits with yours. 
You will also:
- Receive training on the tutoring curriculum and partner school systems before being in front of students. 
- Create a positive learning environment that fosters comfort and encouragement of students.
- Guide students through academic challenges by fostering critical thinking and discussion of content.
- Provide feedback and celebrate student successes while guiding improvement."

What you learn

Service Learners will learn to:

  1. Make a Difference - Witness students' confidence and abilities transform
  2. Explore Teaching - Inspire young minds and consider the potential for a career in education
  3. Enhance Skills - Develop communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills
  4. Build Connections - Form meaningful relationships with students, teachers, and fellow tutors
  5. Give Back - Become a positive force for change in your community.

Middle school children (6th-8th)

Preservice Requirements

Service learners must pass a Background check and attend Training and Orientation sessions.

Days and Times

7:50 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Students select one hour on 2 days/week.  See individual School schedules below, times are subject to change.

Samuel Green School:  Mon, Tues, 3:05p - 4:05p
Andrew Wilson School: Tues, Thurs,  12p - 1p
KIPP Central City Academy:  Mon, Tues, or Thurs, 2:50p - 4p or 11:35a - 12:45p
Langston Hughes Academy:  Tues, Thurs,  12:35p - 1:25p; 9:15a - 10:05a
Dwight Eisenhower School:  Mon - Fri, 8:20a - 9:20a
Arthur Ashe School:  Mon, Wed, Fri 1:48p - 2:48p
Delores T. Aaron:  TBD

Contact Information

Ashley Daniels
Program Coordinator

Kathleen Harris
Program Manager

Directions ETA

Students may serve at any of these schools:

Samuel Green Charter School - 2319 Valence St, New Orleans, LA 70115
 Walking 20 mins, Driving 3 mins; Biking 6 mins; Public Transportation 12 mins
Andrew Wilson Charter School -  3617 General Pershing St, New Orleans, LA 70125
 Walking 40 mins, Driving 4 mins; Biking 10 mins; Public Transportation 24 mins
KIPP Central City - 2514 Third St, New Orleans, LA 70113
 Walking 42 mins, Driving 7 mins; Biking 11 mins; Public Transportation 30 mins
Langston Hughes Academy - 3519 Trafalgar St, New Orleans, LA 70119
 Driving 15 mins;  Biking 35 mins;  Public Transportation 45 mins; Walking: Not Recommended
Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School - 3700 Tall Pines Dr, New Orleans, LA 70131
 Driving 18 mins; Walking, Biking & Public Transportation: Not Recommended
Arthur Ashe Charter School - 1456 Gardena Dr, New Orleans, LA 70122
 Driving 18 mins; Walking, Biking & Public Transportation: Not Recommended
ReNEW Dolores T. Aaron Academy, 10200 Curran Blvd, New Orleans, LA 70127
Driving 20 mins, Walking, Biking & Public Transportation: Not Recommended